iphone caps

hey,hey hey, happy tuesday! I am fighting the beginnings of a cold, blek! So this is a quick post for today, i hate being sick when it is hot! :(
i took a lot of photos with my camera phone because hey it is a lot lighter than my slr and sometimes like to be sneaky when I am capturing family! :)
1. starbucks refuel on the way to the grand canyon near sedona az 2. the grand canyon, so breathtaking! 3.first day at the pool, total joy s2 best time of day to go was 8am...yep you read right :) 4. s1 enjoying avatar the last airbender while in flight 5.monday and heading to the pool again 6. tuesday, roadtrip to new mexico 7. tuesday breakfast spot, loved this sign for the restroom, it was made out of iron 8. some of the catus around the resort, it is really semi-purple- so pretty! 9.SPRINKLES CUPCAKES!!!!! we died and they were delicious, esp. the red velvet!


  1. your photos are awesome- get rest so you don't get too sick!

  2. ok..S2 is almost as tall as you. that's crazy!

  3. What a great collage of photos. Get better soon!

  4. those cupcakes look so good down there .. in that corner love the pics and girl get better .. take Vitamin C pills 500 MG or 1000 MG one a day

  5. omg they are adorable! love the photo montage. your family is just precious.


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