(disclaimer from a sick girl trying to be cute and be in better spirits: excuse the b.pin eyesore, rubber ban (no pony holder they are a scarse as gold in my house) oh and the bags...trying people even though this cold is kicking my arse! :)
my girl, tina did a tag of sorts yesterday so here is my list of things I am into or doing now:

listening: La Roux-Bulletproof and Shontelle-Impossible.
eating: cough drop for sore throat.
drinking: water and diet mtn dew.
wearing: very worn vintage j.crew t-shirt,pants and everday jewels
feeling: stuffy but looking forward the final TRHONY reunion show tonight, srsly kelly has lost her marbles...omg.
weather: sunny and mild.
wanting:  a great recipe for french toast.
thinking: about the beach, doing my week in the life mini as part of my SC july GDT and the people in the gulf trying to get thru this BP oil spill.
enjoying: summer mornings with no school for s2, wearing nude lipstick, tinted moisturizer and  a reorganized desk
wondering: if i am going to like the gates and how can true blood get any better, i mean wow! 

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+ another peek at style files recorded mini workshop, registration information can be found here


  1. Can I register on wenesday? I know that's half way through the workshop, but hat's when I will have dough.

  2. Hi...I just registered. I am really excited about this class...even more so after seeing this picture.

  3. okay, I need to do that list, you and Jen doing it and all. Did you decide if you're coming this summer with us??
    And I'm signed up for so many classes this summer, but that style file is beckoning me...

  4. have any style file kits? I just bought the class. Fun!

  5. I hope you feel better :)

    I am so glad True Blood is back on, too! I just read all 10 books since the last season ended.

  6. Hope you are feeling better!! :)

  7. ha, you know the hair stylist in me did see that b.pin first! LOL :) you still look beautiful Vee, sick or not! :)

  8. how many pages does your moleskin have? did you tear pages out?

    i'm gonna start mine next week (i've got WAY too many events happening this week/wknd).



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