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love how vacations recharge you, feeling very spunky and happy today w/ outkast song being the anthem for the day in my mind! :) az was amazing and even though we picked the hottest month to vacation but it is all good. look out for a influx of pictures this week, mixed with some scrapping this week! ;) thought i would share some of the amazing food we ate, one of the best parts of vacations is the food experiences, i think...
as you may know, or may not my sister and I love food network and a few of the places we ate at during our stay were talked and/or featured on one of the shows we watch (best thing i ever ate or triple d).
first off: zinc bistro, this eatery was located near our resort. we thought it was good (tad overrated),but it hit the spot since we were starving upon our arrival.

i had the zinc buger w/ truffed gruyere, my mom had the grilled curry chicken salad sandwich and my sister had the cripsy duck confit sandwich.
oh and the fries are a meal upon their self, yum!

second stop: before we headed to NM on Tuesday we stopped at overeasty, a triple d stop. it toally lived up to guy's hype.  I hade the caramel candied pecan brioche french toast with a side of homemade sausage, you can see a piece of it with my sister's pancakes. Synai had chocolate waffles, which she profested her love for, she loves anything in which chocolate is the main ingredient. Saadiq had chocolate chip pancakes too which was amazing! We wanted more from this eatery but sadly had to return the rental the next morning. :(

whoops, that isn't a picture of food, even though I could totally eat him up always! He was so not feeling the lens and we were already into day five of our stay, lol...

and finally grimaldi's=yummiNESS!! This pizza is to die for, a must for the next time I am in brooklyn. The crust on their pizza is thin and crispy which equals perfection in my eyes! :) Our fresh toppings were pepperoni, sausage and basil.

are you drooling yet? :)
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  1. i need food...STAT!

  2. right before I looked at your blog I was thinking how hungry I am...and now...more.
    awesome pictures, great lighting, looks like photography from a food mag.

  3. yummmm. i'm going to AZ to visit my sis next month. Can't wait to begin creating my style file. I'm all signed up!

  4. You bet I am drooling!!! Love these!!!!

  5. Totally drooling. Your pics are amazing! SO glad you had so much fun.

  6. I'm sitting here laughing cause I live in Phoenix and have never been to Zinc bistro or over easy, though both have been on my list. Over easy is like 2 minutes from my sisters house too. Looks delish! Oh and Grimaldi's has their water sent from Brooklyn to make their pizzas in AZ. The chef says it doesn't make the right crust otherwise.

  7. Oh my God !!! Did you remember I asked you months ago I would have loved to have this kit, and was dreaming to be able to take this class with you and you told me you will prepare an online class later ! ahahahah ! Now you are offering the kit ! WOWOOhoooo ! OK, I am happy to be a member of your style files recorded class to be able to win it !!! I cross my fingers HARDLY LOL !!!! pick me pick me pick me tèhèhèhèhèhè ^-^


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