warp speed

I feel like this week, heck this year is moving at warp speed! I am still trying to get grounded after coming back from vacation. I am thinking about stating a youtube channel with things that i am loving and general stuff, what do you think? We are currently experiencing the hottest June on record which is surprising funny to me after spending a week in AZ where the temps were melt your face off hot, lol.  Finally made a layout with my cocoa daisy june kit, which seems like I haven't done in forever! It was a quickie I made this morning, I love it when that happens.

random: used hairspray for the first time in fifteen years because the heat is murder on my curls and I am loving how it keeping my curls in. what is your favorite brand, heard good things about aussie, but want more options since it is foreign to me....

tv: the city is so much better than the hills (is so obviously fake now); true blood is the bombbbbbbb, omg i love that show; the gates has potential i think;bethenny getting married is great but sometime i think she is extra, you know?;khloe and kourtney take miami is my favorite reality, they crack me up and i know a lot of it is rubbish, but it is so bad it is good.
xo, two more days until the weekend!!


  1. oh man, I missed the new kort & khl show. I'll have to dvr it. I like Bethany but you're right. I'll give the gates a try. i'm fighting it but if you say it has potention, i'll watch it.
    love the page girl.

  2. Oh, man!!! I wanna scrap like you when I grow up!

  3. Love that page... Just got my paints out so I can get messy. I'm addicted to this hairspray:
    http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0002Z8T38/ref=mp_s_a_3?qid=1277317622&sr=8-3 I think you can get it at target now. Hey do you still work with couture cardstock (was that their name?) I'm looking to match some cardstock in my stash that has a really specific texture and was wondering if they do that kind of thing, or if you (Ms. Cardstock queen) know anyone who does?

  4. i love paul mitchell... no build up! :)

  5. Urth is awesome!! My friend Tammy but she raves about it all the time so I finally went (with her of course)! A must in LA!!


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