now you're in new york!

yes, NYC was amazing as always, srsly this city never disappoints me! My sister and me tramped around the east village with google maps showing us the way, our first stop...shake shack! I know KP speaks highly of this eatery. We love a good burger and this burger is worth the 40 minute wait and in high heat!  It was DELICIOUS, now we have to see if it holds a card to our local Ray's Hell Burger that the President frequents. :)
nyc in full effect
shake shack
sister love
shack burger
we took our time, of course hitting up the mac pro store which you had to be buzzed into mafia style. :) I couldn't pass up this graffiti tagged wall.
loved how this guy matched this tag, he was clean and on a mission. ha! We just took our time and enjoyed the city.
taking a break from the heat...
chatted, took pics, cooled in the ac and people watched from the windows of borders as our day wound down while we waited for the bolt bus back to dc.
already planning another trip in the fall to see fela!, already excited! itching to make a mini, who knows how that will go since I still have my vacation one to do! ah, tomorrow a dare!


  1. oh man..looks like an amazing day in the all your photos!

  2. The NY looks like so much fun. Great pics!!!

  3. ahhh New York i love you already and i haven't even met you yet. soon hopefully!!
    Looks like you ladies had fun!!

  4. Oh, cute pictures!! :) NYC is so rad. :)

  5. SO SO LOVERLY!! I wish I was close enough to NYC to take a bus - jealous! Fela is def. on my list, too :D

  6. Those pictures are great. I really need to get there.

  7. oh mannnnn! i just got here! i would have loved to meet up!!!

    when are you coming back for the fall? maybe we can plan a playdate :)

  8. I am heading up there soon to check out MUFE for shadows. its the only one in North America!!! can't wait!

    girl, did you check out the naked deep dark pigment at MAC. i am jonesing for that one.

  9. Glad you enjoyed my stomping ground!!!

    Next time around you have to try these two places:

    The City Bakery and Clinton Street...neither of which are merely bakerys!!

    At the City Bakery you HAVE to try and take home their mac and's like no other...or try the french toast at Clinton Street you have to try the pancakes but they don't take credit cards only cash and you HAVE to go on a week day early!!!

    If you want to try really really authentic British fish and chips don't leave town without A Salt and Battery in the heart of Greenwhich Village....

    Ok last but not least if you have a sweet tooth try the Doughnut Plant and get a crème brûlée donut!! TO DIE FOR

    OK I sound like an infomercial so I'm going to stop now!!!


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