and a new project begins...

with the start of another month so starts a new project! finally starting my week in the life,yes finally! well it is week in the life while on vacation minibook, will share more as I put it together (not the best picture but here is a glimpse).

looking forward to what August has to brings even if it is more HOT weather. promise to be more present,just didn't have much to share these past few weeks, but I am recharged and ready to be a good blogger again! :)

current loves:
viva la juicy perfume
large sweet nectarines
new season of jersey shore
the word fringe
eminem's song: love the way you lie
mac madcap lipgloss
what are your current loves?
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a reminder that session two of style files will begin soon(8.16-8.23) with registration starting this friday (8/6).


  1. Ooo! Pretty, can't wait to see more, always love your mini's. Excited about style files too, glad I can sign up this time.

  2. what a rad idea to do the wk n the life while on vaca!
    hey i just had a nectarine, i love those things

  3. oh this is such a great project. have fun with it. It'll be so good to see your creative edge on this.

  4. Love your glimpse of the mini! Very cool!


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