currents guys are the sweetest, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU, for all of the sweet comments, tweets and facebook shoutouts for being the newest designer at Studio Calico, your thoughtfulness and kindness really touched my heart. :) sorry for being mia, have a lot going on this week, so this morning I wanted to slow down and take a chill pill and pick up my camera to capture some of my favorite things right now. none in any order just what I am loving right now in my life.
around the world
oversized watches
perfume collection
magic in you
tokodoki love /><br />
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current favorite things:MY LIFE,FAMILY,growing collection of globes (the two big ones are newest to the collection,from antique stores in ohio),oversize watches (more masculine the better),PERFUMES (another antiquing treasure, old serving tray now holds my perfumes), SAADIQ+SYNAI(they will always be my favorites),TRUE BLOOD chats with my girls jed and tina, plants (only one I haven't killed, holding strong for 7+ yrs...),sparkle pants (always good to channel your inner diva),TOKIDOKI,MAC go casual cremesheen glass,SUMMER SALADS, FRIENDS,CRAFTINESS, PAINTS,MATCHBOOKS and AWARENESS


  1. love this list.
    and your michael kors watch. if i wore a watch, that would definitely be the one!

  2. I adore that photo of you and saadiq. he's has that look like "oh mom". i still amazed at how much older he looks.

  3. love the kiss picture=too cute!

    Thanks for the hair product email.. I flew back to Mexico this weekend and haven't been able to repsond-I'll email you more this week as life calms down a bit!
    I'm going to do the currents list!

  4. Love the pics. Your inner diva always rocks. My fav are those globes. LOVE them! You know my addy...i'd be happy to take them off your hands ;)


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