ohio antiquing is the dope show

hello hello, back from my antiquing, crafty girls weekend, had a total blast!  the weather in oh was perfectly blissful (has me wanting fall weather right now!), great company and the
s-h-o-p-p-i-ng...omgomg-the best antique stores by far ever and the owners were so hospitable.

The last shop where I purchased the most items from were the sweetest, they reminded me of people from the south. I have a few pictures of the weekend to share today but will have more tomorrow because this post would be ooc with photos, promise you will thank me! ;).
never can pass up on a mirror, ack now i wish i had gotten this mirror, but it wouldn't have been room since the whip was full to capacity with us girls and our purchases! isn't the letterpress drawer amazing...sigh
had to get some thread and on wooden spools, shut up! so sold...

my treasures
a peek at my treasures, one of two globes (promise to share a photo of all my goodies)
hope you are having a great start to the week, keep your heads uP!
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registration is open for the second session of style files here. the paypal button is now working properly :)


  1. love seeing your fantastic photos! totally wanted one of those matryoshkas so bad. such a FUN weekend + missing it already.

  2. Very cool! Glad you found some good stuff.

  3. oh man now cooooooooooool!

  4. I'm so glad you could come and that you enjoyed yourself! You were an ANGEL for driving us around all day!


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