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Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great weekend, mine was super fast and a little sad. Some may know as I tweeted about Aiden having to go to the vet on Saturday. He had to have surgery to take care of an aural hematoma, he is fine but we miss him. Our family feels incomplete when he isn't around, syani kept commenting on how much she missed aidy (her nickname for him) all weekend. But other than that, it was a great weekend- visited our  family, taking long naps, lounging in pjs and enjoying the last bits of summer! S2 started school today, they were super excited, which I love! I will share a few pictures of them tomorrow, they didn't have much patience for my paparazzi like behavior this morning, lol.
soooo- True Blood was off the chain right?! I will not speak on it just wanted to let you know I watched and loved it!
My Studio Calico Back 40 layouts:
new look
and a kiss
A few of the main kit are still available, a great kit to create with for any season! Speaking of seasons, I am loving that we are inching closer and closer to fall! School starts, football season,the fair, my sister's birthday,my wonder it is my family season!


  1. oh no! hope your little guy is doing ok!
    loved your debut. :)

  2. okay, first, love what you did with that kit...don't know when I'll get mne as it's shipping to my mom in the States, but whatev.
    Second, I'm downloading season 2 of TB and am almost done with season 1, pretty awesome.
    Last, I love that now when I read your posts, I can hear your actual voice in the words, makes me smile.
    Oh, and my hair is very frizzy today, I could have used your hair oil, just sayin'....

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! *sigh* can i pick your brain? please please please? :D

  4. Hope Aiden is back home and all better;) One of the cutest dogs I have met as of lately. I love what you have done with the kit once again. Cannot wait to receive it.

  5. I've been under a big fatty work rock! CONGRATULATIONS on SC! OMG OMG OMG. I die! LOL.

    Hopefully this last quarter isn't as busy as I have yet to finish my style files, eeek.

    Anyway, miss ya Ma and have a nice long weekend! So Stoked for you. Enjoy this fabulous life! XO.

  6. love love the paint colors and the cool borders!


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