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style files II

Happy Happy Friday! I am off to Ohio for a scrapping weekend, rjavascript:void(0)eally excited because one: I haven't been to Ohio before and two: to finally meet some online friends irl and three: to hang with my girl Jen again!

As promised I am holding another session of my style files workshop. First of all thank you for the interest and emails about it being held again! :)  We had a fantastic time in the first session so I am eager to see what everyone  will learn and create this second time around.

This session will begin on Monday, August 16th. It is a eight day class in which you will receive: a daily colored PDF prompt  with instructions via email which will also include a technique  or inspiration for the day with an example. The cost of the class is $12 USD. Registration starts today and will end on 8/15.

Within 24 hours of your registration being received,you will receive a confirmation and supply list. An invite to the private flickr group for the class participants will be sent out within 24-48 hours (most likely sooner but wanted to account for being out of town this weekend).

*registration is now closed, thank you to everyone who registered!

for additional information about this class, read this post.

ps, all registrants will also be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a few goodie boxes as a thank you! :)
xo, have a great weekend!


  1. I am trying to register for the style files workshop, and the link says it's an outdated version of Paypal. Just wanted to let you know. If you want to send me an invoice, or request payment, my e-mail is

    P.S. Have fun in Ohio! That sounds like an amazing trip!

  2. BR is my all time favorite shop I don't go anywhere else to shop any more.

  3. okay, so - does coming over from flickr qualify me as a FER SURE stalker!? ;)

    i want to take one of your workshops! do you have a newsletter or something to inform people of upcoming ones or when you start a new one? i don't often have time to check every blog i'd like to (i have a 4 year old and a 3 year old - both boys!) so i miss lots of good stuff! but if you do have a workshop coming up soon, will you let me know, please!? and - if you have a newsletter or something that i can sign up for - will you also let me know that?

    i will say again that i am just digging on your style. you never fail to inspire, amaze and delight me with your work! (cerebellum from flickr, just in case my craziness hasn't carried over!)


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