doing it right

photo post of my super quick jaunt to America's mecca:it was fun,photos flowing,good eats,cursing the G train and it was  totally what I needed. I am addicted to this city, mentally already planning my next trip! I'm in the midst of trying to do my digi dare and it is killin' me, urgh! Hoping to share it tomorrow and I am doing a giveaway on Thursday so watch out for it! Where has this year gone, feels like yesterday we were knee deep in snow and now it is almost November! whaaaaaaaaaaat!
everyone has one
we all have a story, can't wait to use this photo in everything!
photobooth loves
you know our love for the pb, this trip was no different.
have a seat :)
love these chairs, so many great things to take pictures of. I love how each time I go, I find a bit more about the city. I loved exploring brooklyn! It's funny that the leaves here seem to be at their peak and the leaves in the bk are just starting to turn. We met the super sweet Kara in BK for brunch.
and we walk...
My traveling partner in crime, we have met up three times this year, so cool!:) epic sp fail, blame it on my short arms, but we are rocking the big shades!
quote painted on a wall in the ace;so true and sums of my life view perfectly!


  1. sigh.
    i will def be making a trip east next fall. can you plan on going then? :)

  2. love the chair pic. dunno why but i do.

  3. You got some great photos! I especially love the chair photo!

  4. Love your photos but that 'story' one is amazing - where did you find that?

  5. looks like a perfect trip!

  6. LOVE seeing our weekend through your eyes. i love being your travel partner (and chicken-eating partner in crime.) so much fun, my friend. ('sniff.)

  7. Looks like you had a great time!

  8. Someones really enjoying New know just the other day I was saying to my husband that each borough really has it's own very distinctive feel and vibe, even the residents of each borough dress and walk differently...gotta love it.


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