letting go...

lacing up
i am so proud of him and his team, they are 6-0 for the season so far! when I started blogging four years ago he was five years old and begging me to play football but I wouldn't let him because I had this fear of him getting hurt and just being fearful of the unknown! I am so glad I let go of that fear last year, he truly loves the sport. I love watching him play and talking about football to him and sharing our passion as fans of the skins! It was the first step for me as mother of learning to let go. I am sure this is the first or many, saying prayers now.... :).

day 01-something you love about yourself
So this is is my first entry for my thirty days of truths and this should be an easy one but it is difficult for me put into words. I think this is the case whenever you have to talk about yourself.  One of the things that I love about myself is my strength. I feel that through all my life experiences, some very difficult and painful have made me a stronger person today. No matter what the obstacle is I always try to find a learning experience from it. I learned from a very early age that if you do not find the strength to move on that you can stay in a negative place without results or learn from it and rise above the negativity.

I think that having the ability to adapt to these situations has helped me a lot over the years especially in raising a family, being a better parent, sibling and friend. I am proud of my strength and that it is possible because of my beliefs and faith.


  1. agh! I didn't start mine today! I'll try tomorrow----I love this post, thank you for sharing Vee. This is wonderful, like you!

  2. oh...i may have to steal this idea!

    also...i have the same fear of sports with draven...good to know that letting go is not so scary after all!

  3. Anonymous7:13 AM

    love these pics! he looks like a young man...i have a receipt for you for your donation to big love - would you like me to csan and email or mail to your home? email me at robinita70@yahoo.com! robin


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