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feel like i have been falling off of the blogging trail lately, life is busy and this always gets bumped down on the list of priorities. so in my efforts to be a better blogger, i am going to try to make things easy, simple and fun! Don't be surprised if  you see this style post as a weekly occurrence, three photos that sums of my thoughts. I saw this here and loved it, sorry no originality on my part. :) Sometimes the photos will be mine, sometimes others but the words always from my soul. enjoy!

nyc in full effect
37/365 Kiss The Rain [Explored FP]

sup laney
can't wait to go to NYC, finally in the weekend can't come quick enough, it's raining here today and it is a cold rain,which I am loving because it will make the leaves turn faster, perfect weather to fall asleep to and my favorite-the fall layers! I love feeling cuddled up without being hot because it isn't cold enough for the puffer but with my hoodie and faux leather bomber I am straight. :) I love quotes and I have always loved this one, circle gets the square!
. . . . . . . .
Day Three -Someone who has made your life worth living for.
Life is a gift,I have always lived my life for me but something that changed my perspective on life was becoming a mother. It opened my heart and mind up so much more, it really is hard to put into to words but from the time both s2 were born it seemed as if they were always here. It is almost hard to remember the space in between when they were not here. Saadiq was born one year after I graduated from college and Synai three years after. I can say that being pregnant and having babies really made me appreciate the beauty of life from the beginning as you watch your own babies grow and the bond that forms instantly is beautiful. I LOVE being a mommy-time truly does fly and once you are a mother your life does shift.  I want to provide the best for them and to live to see them grow and god willing be alive until they are grown. I want to be able to live until my children are grown, that is a daily prayer of mine.


  1. when will you be in nyc???!!! i go a lot in the fall/winter... here's hoping we can meet up!! :)

  2. those pictures are awesome!
    Happy bday weekend girl. Hopefully my mom has mailed you your little somethin' I got you.
    NYC, come here to me!!
    I'm up to 30 truths #5 I think. I love reading everyone's I'm finding.

  3. i'm with you on every single thing you said about being a mother. every. thing.

  4. Hope you have a good time in NYC:) you never know, maybe I will bump into you!!!

  5. are you going to stop at MUFE in sephora soho! i heard its cool, with ipads to help you with making color choices. The other MUFE is in union square. have fun!


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