sum of three:fall

happy Wednesday! this is what it looks like in my corner of the world, for me it is fall at its best. We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather here this month and I couldn't be happier! If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you know I love fall and spring. I am an in between weather girl, do not like hot or cold weather...mid 60's are perfect for me. I love minimal layering, not having to wear big coat, boots, seasonal drinks and oh the colors. I LOVE the rustic colors of fall, everything just looks golden and  right. Not only is the weather just right but Thanksgiving is a week away, can hardly contain my joy!
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getting back on the falling horse of 30 truths...
day four-something people seem to compliment you the most on. 
It would have to be my smile, since the days of elementary school picture day about every school photographer always complimented me on my smile. I love this feature about myself as well. When I fractured my arm in fourth grade my ortho surgeon said I had a smile that could melt a snowman, needless to say he became my all time favorite doctor and made me more aware of it. I love how a  smile can make someones day, break the ice in an awkward situation or make people relax/ feel reassured. :) What is your favorite feature?


  1. Love the feet in the leaves. I need to run out and take a few before the gusty winds blow all ours away.

  2. This time of year is beautiful!
    Thats funny you said in between said not too hot not too in Cali 60 is cold. LOL..I definately prefer winter over summer, because summer here in Southern Cali is treacherous!

    The weather has been very very strange here. It has been going from one extreme to the next which is why so many people including myself is sick right about now. Its pretty warm outside, but I undertsand it is suppose to pour this weekend and be "cold"..We will see!

    And yes, your smile is beautiful!
    Keep the pearly whites rockin!

  3. Great pics, Vee! Hmmmm, I don't really have a fave feature.

  4. aww Vee you do have a great smile!!
    P.S. omg LOVE your shoes in the 3rd photo!

  5. i love the leaves.. autumn is so beautiful

    i got best smile in junior high too!

  6. cool boots! thanks for pointing out the selby blog - added to reader!


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