the sun shines thru

Happy Friday!! This week has been a beast so today is much welcomed around these parts for sure. I am starting to feel giddy with excitement for the holidays. This time last year I had made my dec daily mini, so I am going to get started on it tonight, have some ideas for it. I hope to share it tomorrow in between football games. It is the last game of the season for them both but Saadiq's team is going to the playoffs...yaaaaay! Synai is getting ready for cheer competition, her squad last year won first place.

six things that make me happy today...
1. it's friday, you know I love this day, I really do wake up happy on this day.
2. faux fur accessories, perfect for today's breezy weather
3. vampire diaries, i love this show!!
4. after school talks with s2
5. hearing christmas music at the mall, no lie, yeah not event thanksgiving but I love it!
6. this week's dare, getting on it tonight as well!

My insider tip is up today on the SC blog, take a peek for my tips on getting over a creative block. ;)
I want to put these tweet stamps on EVERthing, they are cutest and have you seen the wood veneer stars? love LOVE LOVE! I grunged mine up bit with the grid stamp.
paper talk

have a happy and beautiful weekend!


  1. Your page is fabulous!! I love it!

  2. I need to bust out my veneer! Hopefully I get a chance to scrap this weekend.

  3. good tips... creative block is the worst. have you got any more classes planned for 2010?x

  4. Great page, you have a wonderful weekend girl!

  5. Vampire Diaries.......Damon! "Swoon"!!!!
    You page is great to. I met Lizzy this past summer, she is a doll! Have a great weekend.


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