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tuesday, already? my second post of the day didn't happen yesterday, so here is our halloween recap. we always love walking, talking and laughing at all of the costumes and antics of other families. we got an early start this year, which was really nice to start before it is totally dark, I feel less paranoid and safer.

s2 are really easy when it comes to picking costumes, they just go with the flow and usually decide as they look thru the costumes but this year Saadiq was set on being ghostface from scream! He loves scary movies and can't wait to turn 13 so he can go to horror movies with his aunt bgee.  so our halloween in pictures...
I told Saadiq to do something scary, this is what I got, lol. Those preteen hormones are making an appearance more and more...
do something scary
she was beside of herself as a pink leopard lady! :) she was more than excited to get her face painted and to wear some "makeup", such a girl!
who is that cute kittie in the window?
grrrrr.... she couldn't stop twirling and jumping!
we kicked off the night at our favorite stop each year, they always have the best decorations and have three bowls of goodies to choose from two always being non candy items! I love this skeleton!
our favorite stop each year
i know this is totally blurry and out of focus but it is my favorite. I love the conversation Synai and B are having in the background, the glow from the street light and of course my little ghostface. This family that was behind us got a kick out of him but their son, not so much. He would wail every time he saw Saadiq.
a funny story

well off to vote, happy tuesday!


  1. Love the pics...really great! Mine is only 3 and she has been wearing costumes (old and new) for the last 3 days..

  2. blurry photos are the best photos.

  3. OMG, SOOOO cute!!!! I love those pictures!


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