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Happy Monday, can't believe I am saying this again so soon, where did the weekend go-better yet the year? Seriously it was a blur, but a happy one;S1's football team won their second round game in states, so they are going to the finals next weekend...yeahhhh! :) Their team is making league history for our county, pretty awesome I think!

Finally making some progess in my daily and getting it nice and plump! I had to make an alteration to the binding to accommodate its growth! This is one of my favorite things about making this yearly minibook, the change, traditions and process of adapting and documenting.  Day6:
not ready for christmas in terms of gifts, being really slow on this so far and it is approaching fast!
Day 7: wishing for snow! :)
dec daily|05-06

The best thing about today is, our first snow (got my wish)! I never get tired of s2 reactions when they see it for the first time each winter, it is the cutest thing to me. :) It didn't last long once the sun came out, but it was pretty while it lasted.
have a great day, xo


  1. lovely!
    and i hope you get more snow (only sunshine for me here)

  2. note to self: i must layer more. ;-P because i am LOVING your book!

  3. i'm loving your december daily, vee! if i ever attempted your style, it would look like a complete mess, but when you do it, it's perfection. looking forward to seeing more pages!

  4. i love all the bits and pieces in your DD, Vee!

  5. i love the way you capture your december!


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