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I love the colors of the season especially red- it just screams Christmas to me! I normally only decorate our tree in red  but  for some reason of decided to do a white tree this year with a dash of red. It is taking me some time to get used to but here are a few shots of our tree this year!
thru the fire
I guess the main reason I was drawn to white this year is change and to finally decorate our tree with ornaments that survived some sad times for our family. The one above is one of them, it is well loved and very old.
color of the season
I love poinsettias, especially in red, purchased two of them on black Friday for .98 a piece, ching!  This was the perfect price for me since I can never seem to keep them alive until Christmas but so far so good! :)
christmas cactus
a Christmas cactus that my mommy gifted me. I love watching the blooms grow...
paper bird
a different view of our tree. I love the vintage inspired ornaments at Target, this one was $1.00, ETA: they were $1.50, thanks Tanya! :).
xo, off to make dinner.


  1. sooo pretty. also I looove the way that you processed these shots. :)

  2. Wow your tree looks gorgeous!!!

  3. Isn't Christmas decorating so much fun? I have that birdie from Target too, and it was $1.50. I couldn't believe I could get an ornament for $1.50. I was pretty excited. And I got a sock monkey ornament there too. Did you? :) Sorry, this is a very random comment, especially considering it is my first time commenting on your blog. It is what it is.

  4. Beautiful photos, Vee!! Love the soft muted colors in them!

  5. Love your beautiful tree -- just awesome!
    Hugs, RobinJ

  6. Loving your decorations:)


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