the dares are back!

dare 174
happy Friday,although it doesn't feel like one to me but I will take it! :) Finally back into the scrap swing of things and the dares are back (said in my best jay z voice)! this is my spin on d.174, journaling. brigittee and i have a Christmas tradition of going to the movies on Christmas day. we took some photo booth-like pics after seeing true grit. I love these pic  because she hates to take photos. I look crazy in most of them and we were clearly trying to find out where to look in photo no.1, lol! good times,  lots of new SC goods  , ink ( i love the tags from countryside and state fair) and a mix of old kits .  any plans for the valentine weekend? Nothing planned yet but hoping enjoy the weather and spend lots of time snuggling with my s2! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, much love!


  1. Very nice V! I love the photobooth picture of you and your sister:) I will give this Dare a shot tonight!


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