la moments

fresh guac
nom nom II
hollywood to the left
Studio Calico
i spy palms
got basketball?
I know most have seen all of the recaps from CHA and my photos and favorites from the show can be read and seen on twitter.  We ate an insane amount of great food starting with day one with lunch, fresh guac made table side is the best way to go mixed with great company. One of my favorite things about this trip (even though I was nervous before hand, new is always scary) was really getting to know everyone from SC.  I fell in love with April's mom (Joy),she is such a great person and fantastic bowler, her pointers help me a lot! :) I love it when you feel like you have known people forever, that is SC. I laughed and ate so much with these girls, can't wait to do again this summer! Our view from the hotel was stunning, we were right in the mix of LA Live and the walk back to the hotel always ended with mobs of basketball fans funneling into the Staple Center. I would have died if I saw Khole Kashdashian, maybe next time! part two to come....

happy Saturday, off to Lowes to shop for cabinetry hardware!


  1. Love your pic!! Guac table side- ummmm yummmmm!!!! I'm glad you had a great time! I just a tad bit jealous here!!

  2. that salad, your blazer & possible klo kardashian sighting....sounds like good times!

  3. looks like an awesome time!! love seeing your photos and hope you enjoyed the break away from the snowy cold. :)

  4. aww yay LA!! I'm so glad you had fun.. downtown is one of my favorite places and its just getting better. I'm sooo sorry I wasn't able to meet up.. its been such a busy couple weeks!
    what was your favorite part?


  5. I swear i thought that guy was sitting on that girls lap at first!! LOL Ahh it's the little things that make me laugh so much!!


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