really a week ago

Are you ready for some football?!! either, I am not partial to either of the teams (neither are my favorite) but I am looking forward to the commercials!! I am ready for spring, I don't think it is far off, today is so gorgeous that I can hardly stand it. We are starting to get a few warm days here and there! A few more pictures from cali to share can't wait to go back in June with my mommy. On my last day I had a few hours before the show so I met up with Amy's super sweet mom;she took me to the fashion district for lunch and shopping. I picked up some bling for me and souvenir shirts for my family. I had a blast with her, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many kind and great people thru scrapbooking and my blog. Life is such a joy and I am in full appreciation of it daily.

I forgot my camera at the hotel so a few are from my phone, still had to document the day. :)
swirling around LA Live, love the energy there.
and swirl
1/2 yummy dishes for lunch with ms. chiao, love shared meals. She dropped some cooking knowledge on me too, I can't wait to make egg drop soup now!
chinatown lunch
me+ms. chiao= fun, fun, fun! She was so patient with me while I stopped and shopped!
ms. chiao
celebrated Nic's birthday at lucky strike, it was so much fun! I hadn't bowled since I was in elementary school. We all enjoyed it, bowling is so much fun in numbers! I am excited to take my little unit soon. :)
birthday girl-Nic
greg took this jumping shot with KP's camera, we had so much fun jumping as passerby's were wondering, WTF? lol, good times!
small 0131_5805-1
on my way home, no delays= slept all the way home with my shades on to the east side.
CHAW-2011 goods
goodies from the show, it was a fun trip, can't wait for Chicago. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! :)



  1. Love the jumping photo! Too cute! Looks like you ladies had a fabulous time!

  2. Looks like a nice time. Amy T is so sweet, I can only imagine how her mother is:)

    Love that action photo, very cool!

  3. that jumping photo rocks. and i love that you and mommy hung out! she had a blast!

  4. i wanna gooooooooooooooooo!!! lol.

  5. it was so fun spending time with you, come back to LA soon. hope your mom likes the egg drop soup!

  6. the picture of you guys jumping in the air is it.


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