so over winter, this is usually the point of the season where I get a little grumpy about the frigid temps. but this jacket does make the weather a little bit better and the trifecka (not a real world but I like it) of necklaces make me really happy. oh and since we are on the what makes me happy note, so does the following:
-rice cooker (don't know I survived before  purchasing this kitchen gem)!
-petite kitchen remodel (will share pictures soon, or check progress via my tweets)
-new dareness, throwing mine up shortly!
-essie sand tropez nail polish, it is the perfect dirty nude
-stephanie new prints are the
I would love to hear your happy list, do share! :)


  1. spring will be here in no time...then it'll be pretty open-toed sandles and tanks!
    that's funny about the rice mom sent me one for christmas and it's a gem. can't believe i went this long without one and i'm asain! haha...let's see, what's making me happy right now...
    conversations with my baby (lots' of ooo's and aahh's)
    jeans that fit a little higher on the waist(to hide post preggers belly)
    turkey sandwiches with avocado
    messy buns(have no time to do hair anymore)
    and knowing our new sc kits will be here soon!

  2. Found effer dares last week and LOVED IT! The work on that blog is just miles and miles better than what I see normally- so going to jump in. GREAT cot- GREAT photo.
    What makes me happy?
    New camera or Mac product
    baby giggling
    opening a new box of paper goodies
    Black tea, pop tarts, udon noodle soup, fresh sushi and cherries- all in 1 day.
    Getting a good scrap on with no interruptions
    Hubs cooking dinner and washing the dishes
    The words 50% off at Anthropologie


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