off duty

the weekend came and went, this month each weekend has moved faster than the next since I worked special events for my j-o-b. This weekend was a mix of warmth and rain but we had a good one just the same, i love spending time with my family.
saturday pizza
just as I tweeted I made this pizza for breakfast and it was a success. I thought s2 would be wary of it but they sang much praise of how delicious it was, two thumbs up!
current wrist action mixed with my new favorite color combination.
enjoying one our weekend walks, she will pose at a drop of a hat.
am-bam, lol
cleaned up my creative area a bit and added this am-bam gorilla eraser to my decor. I don't think I will ever use it. :)
moment captured with my iphone, saadiq was missing synai while she was at a friend's house. So I was more than happy to give him lots of hugs!
misson: get more leopard
mission get more leopard in 2011 in full effect and very successful so far I may add! I love this print and polka dots too!
getting back into taking self portraits again, been really slack in that dept. lately. Plus I needed a new new profile picture! hope you are having a good start to the week.  Already looking forward to more day light next weekend with daylight saving time.  off to look at some thinkless tv, currently watching: RuPaul's Dragrace, bethenny ever after and all about aubrey! Promise paper posts coming this week!! :)


  1. Man that pizza looked good, way to go you for making it. Looks like something from a restaurant.

  2. Hey Vee - have you read The Renaissance Soul (random question, I know!). I'm reading it now and how you wrote j-o-b is just how the author refers to jobs we creatives have to more or less pay the bills, while *hopefully* allowing for time to be creative in areas that really matter to us. Interesting book - I recommend it :)

  3. Gorgeous selfie Vee! You look beautiful!

  4. Oh my. That pizza looks amazing!

  5. Your little poser is adorable. My little poser no longer poses unless I bribe her. LOL

    BTW....your self portrait is gorgeous. you have beautiful eyes.

  6. that pizza is so impressive- looks like Food Network shot!
    I love your new profile picture--gorgeous!
    Just moved back to the US and I am SO ready to get REALLY into American thinkless tv. Tell me what I need to watch.
    Come visit us!

  7. totally trying that breakfast pizza this weekend...yum!

  8. Love the leopard! Just found your blog and love looking through your posts.

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  10. Great! Many thanks for sharing


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