pieces of a monday

Yesterday was my Saturday since I worked over the weekend. I love it when a week starts off relaxed,  it began with a thunderstorm and ended with one as well! Our spring has started with a bang I guess, lol.
eye colors
my other love makeup...one of my go to palettes, my favorite ones are the ones with the holes or soon to be holes in them. :)
inside my clutch
been carrying a clutch for over a month now, decided to empty the goods into another one and take a photo of it! :) They are super easy and instant chic to any ensemble. :)
new specs <3
my warby parker glasses arrived, so me and synai had an instant photo shoot (totally OOF but I love it regardless) while her brother played outside with his friends.
the good stuff mini minibook in print
flipped thru the awesome pages of the 2011 spring edition of somerset memories magazine, my good stuff "mini" article is pubbed in detail w/  how to make your own from start to finish! :)
she glitters
she likes to sparkle as well, love her so very very much!!
path workshop sneak
finally beginning to work on my first workshop of 2011, here is a small peek. It will focus making a clear minibook with paint, embossing and mist of course! :) I will have more information post really soon!
finally really creative today, lets hope this lasts until tonight! xo


  1. so many awesome things in this post! love your minis, your pretty shadows/bag contents, your new specs (and synai's too!) miss ya. :)

  2. those glasses fit your face perfectly! i wish my purse was that organized. mine currently weighs a ton and is full of receipts. lol

  3. good choice on the glasses, they really suit you. And I love all the scrappy goodness.

  4. just got the issue in the mail! congrats!

  5. I spy an EOS lip balm:) Love those. All Mac eye shadows?? Gotta love Mac. Look forward to your first class for 2011, I just might have to sign up, you inspire me!

  6. Anonymous7:15 AM

    love the eyeshadow! that is the sweetest pic of synai - she is so pretty! robin

  7. Wow lots of great things in this post. Love the layout! And that makeup-LOVE. I am a sucker for all cosmetics. Especially pretty colors! And your daughter is just adorable!!!

  8. Love the clutch and palette pan! Mac makes me happy! Can't wait for the new workshop and I love the mini.

  9. Love the clutch and palette pan! Mac makes me happy! Can't wait for the new workshop and I love the mini.


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