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happy Monday y'all! I had a great weekend which put me in a great mood for the upcoming week, yeaH! I was bad at documenting it because I left my camera at home but it just made the weekend that more relaxin'. I know I am always wondering what works for people so I thought I would share my updated haircare products. I've been asked in the past so I thought it would be fun to share what I use currently. All are nautural products that are paraben and petroleum or sulfate free except for one, i made the switch a few months ago and so happy that I did.
These are the products I use weekly but I also believe they would work fabulous on all hair types especially thick hair!!
1.carol's daughter lisa's hair elixir: great for a hair treatment and use for oiling scalp (i use it for the later 2x week and occasionally on the ends of my hair)  2. carol's daughter hair balm : great for daily use to add gloss, shine and groom & smooth flyways. i love how this tames and sculpts my bangs! Plus a little bit goes a long ways when applying. 3.kiehls creme w. silk groom: used once a week after I wash, blowdry and style my hair, my hair is the driest at this time so I like to use it to add back moisture. 4. carol's daughter some of marguerites magic: this is like bling for your hair, makes it look super shiny, healthy and prevents shedding. I love to use this for special events. (oh carol's daughter products smell different than other products and it was a smell I had to get used to but normally fades right after application) As you can see I am pretty ocd when it comes to moisturizing my hair- eek!! 5. kinky curly: great detangler, love it! 6. cantu shea butter leave in conditioner repair cream: used this for YEARS and it makes your hair so soft and the only natural product I don't use but can't dare be without. 7. organix moroccan argan oil shampoo: a new favorite shampoo, love almost all of the organix shampoo line it smells great and has some of the nourishing factors from the moroccan argan oil but does not lather a lot since it is sulfate free.
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  1. you've got GORGEOUS hair. i so love kiehl's and organix...use them both. and i got j into using kiehl's for his face. army man+kiehl's=hahahah

  2. Oh, this post is perfect! We have the same hair and I have such a hard time finding stuff to make it look nice and shiny.
    I've been using Bumble and Bumble's rich conditioner and gentle shampoo and they have been heaven on my hair. What do you use to wash and condition?

  3. I use carols daughter healthy hair butter and spray leave in conditioner and I love them both.

    Have you ever used any of carols daughters shampoo or conditioner???


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