moments v. manchester

lorie's lobster
double fried
it was a quick fun blur mixed with meeting  great people (hi to those that stop by the booth and chatted with me), eating and crashing at the hotel!! I took only two photos, oye- of course they are of  food, ha! On our last night there we ate at Tinker's, a visitor and local favorite. Lorie tacked the lobster, KP- lobster roll and me friend oysters! Notice a theme....yeah i don't like lobster. :)
ps. is anyone as obsessed with game of thrones as i am??? L-O-V-E this show!


  1. oh...YUM! I will take it all please:)

    As for Game of Thrones - LOVE IT! I even got my husband to watch it too! I can't help but to hate and love Jamie Lannister at the same time!LOL Have you read the books? I haven't but I'd love too. I think I'll wait until after the season is over. Seriously can't wait until this Sunday!!

  2. I need to see that show. How many have aired so far? Look forward to seeing you in Valley Forge!


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