off duty combo

wheeee, another day another week begins! hope you had a wonderful weekend, moved at lightning speed as always. thank you guys for all of the suggestions for books, loved reading your comments! I am on goodreads, you can check out my previous reads here.  I am really bad about updating it but just approved a bunch of friend requests! :) Our weekend(s) in review, a few pics from mother's day included-the one below. :) s1 is looking so mature these days, almost all of his face chub is almost gone! :(
pitango gelato
finally cashing in on some livingsocial deals, stopped by pitango yesterday for a treat, which was perfect way to beat the humidity!
red velvet cupcakery
red velvet cupcakery II
no secret that me and my sister love cupcakes, finally tasted red velvet cupcakery, so GOOD! Trust me if you are in the DC, go here instead of georgetown cupcake (over hyped), no lines, nice size cupcake and perfectly DELICIOUS!
new trinkets
i love organizing and putting my favorite things on display. picked up this tumbler at anthropologie on serious sale. I love it!
always on
picture taken by s1 while we waited for my cousin this weekend to move some furniture, (love how green the grass is no touch ups in PS) some of my new favorite jewelry- friendship bracelets from crewcuts!
hope you are having a fabulous monday!


  1. Lovely snippets of your life:) Love these sort of posts, I will look for you on Goodreads!

  2. Vee, I have that same Pitango deal! Still need to use it!

    Have you tried Baked & Wire cupcakes? my favorite! Although we get red velvet quite frequently too!

  3. 1. He's so handsome
    2. I love that gelato is better for you than regular ice cream
    3. Every time I read your blog you make me home sick for Annapolis. Even though it's not my home!
    4. I need to wear more jewelry. I'm always in such a rush I'm lucky I have on underwear!! LOL

  4. okay. my tummy is officially growling!

  5. Great post and I love your photography skills.

    Have a great day!


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