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some snippets of my week, can't believe the long weekend is almost here, squeal! :) some of the simple joys that have made my week very lovely.
1.a new bowl (had to get a couple after i saw jamaica's bebe drinking from one,love her taste in decor always), to house misc travel perfumes, always try to get samples of the ones I wear and love. 2. dc date with my sister from sunday, we finally tried z burger, verdict= tasty but no five guys, the fries were a tad spicy. We can't wait to check out the new shake shack that opened last week to see if it is as good as the original NYC location, hoping so!!! 3.loving this jean vest, it is a classic piece and I am in love with it, I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday. It looks amazing with a bright coral maxi skirt and white t-shirt, that is my latest favorite combo. 4. i love my job, had the torch run kickoff yesterday, law enforcement officers are guardians of the flame. they are running with two athletes, one of which has competed in the Boston marathon, how cool is that?! 5. NARS Nico, my current favorite daytime highlighter, adds the perfect subtle glow.
hope you are having an enjoyable week as well, xo!


  1. love these kind of posts!! Looks like a fun week.

  2. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm! Is that a burger or a sandwich? It looks soooo good and it's making me hungry :)

  3. glad you rock the maxi, i just got one and overcame my fear of it looking wrong. i always see them on very tall, very thin people... but a maxi can be for everywoman!


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