midweek fog

what day is it again, hump day already???...yay!!! Love a four day work week, who doesn't?! :) I had a nice chill holiday weekend. We had a BBQ snafu, family had a cookout but my mommy got the day wrong but it was all good because I was just as content playing and cooking with these two. :) s2 playing a little b.ball on saturday before the heat wave ensued, it's nasty hot right now in the dmv, thinking a trip to the beach is needed asap!
bb collage
untitled minibook
page sneak
and i scrapped, added more pages in the minibook I made with the paper moon kit. Lots of clear elements in it-2fold pages=LOVE it. It is a mini filled with bits of us, thoughts,misc photos that really don't look great alone, but together tell a story (like the infinite amount of food pics on my phone, finally put to good use! :)  I can't wait to finish making it tonight!

The  second piece is a quick sneak at a page I made, but can't share yet, i am really loving coral lately AND at odds with my typewriter. I changed the ribbon ages ago but it slips out of the brackets so it is a battle to use it lately and I miss typed elements on my pages, :(!
ps, giveaways will be posted as soon as i get the ok :)
pps, my reality slor-isms knows no bounds, will be watching paris' new show tonight on oxygen, after all she is the celeb reality originator! :)


  1. Yay! Your mini's always rock Vee! Excited to see this come together.

  2. Everything you create just makes me happy. Love the pics!

  3. Love your minis, Vee!

  4. Bummer about the typewriter, but I think it's resulted in a great look - I love the mix of typewriter/handwritten! And Paris isn't the originator... MTV Real World is ;) Did you watch it back in the day?! Loved it then... and thanks for the reminder. Gotta set my dvr for my summer reality shows - Paris, Big Brother and new Housewives! ;)


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