off duty

shake shack|DC
the shake burger
happy monday!! We had a great weekend, the weather was great, had some great food and hung out with friends. We attended a graduation brunch yesterday, I am always amazed at how fast my children are growing but it seems like my friends' kids are growing even faster, maybe because I don't see them everyday?! But it is a two way street because they say the same thing about s2! What I wore to brunch in top two pics, had a smoothie explosion which mandated a top change; B and me finally checked out shake shack|dc, it was amazing love the indoor factor of our location. PLUS, they have the best peanut butter milkshake ever, nom nom!!

we have lots of stuff planned this week, nationals game tomorrow with s2, quick trip to San Francisco with my mommy, more scraps to share and a short work week. hello almost summer I am loving you already!

ps, who esle is devastated over game of thrones last night?! oh my heart, i love NED! :(


  1. your are always so stylin' :)

  2. umm 2 things.
    1. why are you so fab
    2. i really want to try shake shack. UGH jelly.

    ok 3 things...
    did you ever get sookie books!??


  3. vee! you went t shake shack! got pinkberry on your way out? such a dangerous block!

  4. that looks delish!! i've been on a burger kick lately and had some awesome ones... i havent had a chance to try shake shack when i am in NY but looks so good!


  5. Anonymous7:25 AM

    girl, you look bad*** in your cop shades! love it! robin

  6. Ready for summer. I actually think Ned lived since they didn't show him.


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