off duty: back on the radar edition

sorry, went MIA for a bit but i am back!!! I had a tough week last week and was in no mood to blog, that is how it flows sometimes. nothing major happen just wasn't feeling "me" you know how it goes+ missing s2, they are at their nana's. But I am better spirits this week, halleloo!!! onward and upward had a crazy weekend working on cha projects for Studio Calico, the new lines are totally gorgeous you guys! I played with the Autumn Press line, love the soft tones of it, frolic is my favorite pattern paper and of course the new mister huey's are gorgeous as well! I will share a few peeks of my projects on Friday!
The Dalai Lama was in the district last week, so a lot of the street vendors were selling a lot of Tibetan influenced items, I was drawn to these bracelets. I didn't purchase one though, felt they were a bit bare, now having buyers remorse for not picking one up!
me and my sister had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants matchbox, it was my first time eating at this location, prefer the capitol hill location better but the food was yummy as always! My sister had a crab cake sandwich and I had the meatball and pepperoni roll, it was SOOOOO GOOD!

It was super hot, summer is in full effect on the east coast, but I love walking around the city, especially chinatown!

some new favorite polishes, I am really into neon colors lately.
(left to right) I wouldn't recommend the AE polish but loving the china glaze (shocking pink) and sally hansen (mellow yellow- which is the perfect yellow).


  1. hey, pretty! yeah, I've been MIA for awhile now. (love the 'halleloo!') those sandwiches look GOOD. and I have that yellow Sally polish, too. although Lo ends up using it more than me. ha. miss you!

  2. Omg, my phone is pissing me off.
    Hey, after numerous attempts to send you this dumb message.
    Ava had her nails painted last Saturday with that hot pink and the OPI silver crackle. Fun!
    WD World right after Xmas with Jen and fams, your thoughts?

  3. I've noticed that you're into neon colors, yeah! How is China Glaze when it comes to application?

  4. Girl you are making me so hungry and love the Mellow Yellow!
    I am buying me some nail-polish tomorrow - thanks for the retail therapy kick girl! :D

  5. oh gosh, that crab sandwich, yum!!!

  6. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I have been sooooo MIA for almost a month now, maybe more. I think I have been having one of those times in my life but I think I am snapping out of it slowly. Love that yellow polish, thanks for the tip I shall pick it up:)

  7. you look so beautiful vee!!! xoxo


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