off duty: low key

i had a really low key weekend, didn't take many photos or scrap much. I just enjoyed the quietness of my home and rolled with it!
shrimp roll
made shrimp rolls for lunch for B and me on Saturday, kept it really simple with ingredients which is always best in my opinion. It was delicious if I do say so myself. :)
tried out macarons finally, they were good not super sweet as my american palette is used to but I did enjoy them. my favorite flavors are the vanilla and hazelnut praline salted caramel ones. I still have a rose one to eat today! :) The Sweet Lobby has really great cupcakes too!

perfect summer find, reminds me of mrs. roper from three's company (hahaha, used to love that show), i LOVE it. It is a robe but I am going to wear it kimono style with jeans and tanks. It fits perfectly for the new 180 dare!


  1. Looks like a delicious weekend:) Love that robe by the way. I want to see a wardrobe remix picture of it when you wear it with jeans and a tank. Love that idea.

  2. i can totally see you wearing that, and now you say mrs. roper and i can't help but smile. i watched that all the time! you'll be much more stylin' than mrs. roper though :)

  3. You'll have to share your shrimp roll recipe with us. Looks good!


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