galion pretty much obsessed with this polish, the perfect edgy/stormy grey polish -galion-. IMG_0969 anything in the shape of a heart, you will see them on my pages soon too ;), I think I am loving hearts more than stars and circles now. antique glitter picked this melissa frances glitter glass up at CKC Valley Forge, in love with the color. I can't wait to bling out my projects more with it!
some of my current favorites, i love reading post like these.
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PS, finally putting up info and registration information on my new online workshop, more details to come on Saturday!


  1. My theory is that everything is better with a little bit of bling! I love all of your favorites.

  2. love that polish color!

  3. Love that polish color. Any chance you got a pic of it on your nails? I have been having a terrible time getting the polish I see in the bottle to look like what I put on. I don't get it, but some have been way off or way lighter. Maybe it's just because it's too cheap. So glass glitter, is that is dangerous as it sounds? Because it looks freaking awesome.

  4. loving all of your favorites...especailly the bracelets.


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