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offdut We had a great weekend filled with family, trips to wally world, church and sonics! It doesn't get much better than that, in my opinion. I am still going strong with the 30 day photo challenge, you can see more of the photos from this project under the 30dayphotochallenge label. I can't wait to scrap these photos ! :) saadiq and synai (they have grown so much in a month 2. super variety of crush at wal-mart. we had never heard of the blue raspberry flavor. 3. saadiq taught synai how to ride without training wheels, such a great brother! she was so happy to show us her accomplishment 4. me as a baby :) 5. SONICS, 3 out of four of us love cherry limeade 6. photo doesn't do the clutch justice( totally gorgeous zara yellow with bright blue trimming).

warning (true blood talk)
Who loved TB last night?!! It was a great episode, can't wait to see how Lafayette is going to bring it! Sookie isn't annoying me as much this season and poor poor Pam! How much more pain is she going to go through this season?! What are your thought?

PS, haven't forgotten about the giveaway! It will be posted tonight! :) xo


  1. awesome photos. glad you enjoyed.

  2. How fab or those pics? Love the one of little you. So, I refuse to watch any True Blood episodes-I've DVR'd them all, and will space out watching them so I don't have to wait so long in between seasons, LOL. I just love it so much, that waiting for the next season drives me insane.

  3. Love that photo of you as a babe! Looks like we are about the same age, I was born in 72. Creeping up to 40 next year! Your kiddos are so adorable. Tell Saadiq I'm proud of him teaching his sister how to ride the big time!

  4. Eric is totally "My boyfriend in my mind". He is sooooo delicious this season. Lafayette cracks me up every single episode. Love him!

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Awww, I remember this baby is one Grandma Grace had of you in her photo album

    Cousin Katrina

  6. Everyone was talking about Sonics at the SC reveal chat and I've been wanting to go ever since! I managed to find a recipe for cherry limeades online so I'm going to try and concoct my own!


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