a photo a day

 :) hey there and happy happy happy Friday! This week has been been a doozy( hello earthquake)!! so needless to say I am really looking forward to being indoors and out of the way of hurricane Irene!! Hopefully we will have a quiet weekend with electric before schools starts for s2 on Monday. I haven't posted my photo challenge photos in a minute so here they are, love them all and have scrapped quite a few them already! :) phchall Picollage photo challenge: smile 12.closeup of synai, love her, she is such a helper and has the most tender spirit;13. from a distance...football is in full effect, i love watching their games; 14. flowers: florist at SAFEWAY was OOC when I took this photo, she actually thought I was from a competitors store, really lady these are sub par sunflowers, okay?!; 15. shoes-fall low boots;16. what i ate-love luna bars for a quick lunch ( chocolate dripped coconut bars are my favorite); 17. on the shelf- used to be on the shelf now on my dresser; 18. what's in my (makeup) bag-the band-aid friction stick is the best thing ever, saves heels!; 19.where i slept; 20. read: can't go wrong with either of these on a lazy Sunday afternoon. i am invested in twilight, love the books hate the movies but will i go see breaking dawn, but of course! ha. 21. pretty pattern-vintage studio calcio paper that i just cut last weekend. 22. trees-afternoon walk. love the street I work on; 23. sunset- sky at sunset, nothing more gorgeous; 24. smile- a self portrait from yesterday.

much love, xo


  1. dude what was up with that earthquake?? crazy! ... and hurricane irene? the world has gone bonkers!

    i'm so glad you've been doing your photo a day! looks awesome!


  2. love this! I'm going a pic a day in septmeber group on Flickr, wanna do it?


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