product ♥| cleansit

I haven't done a products i ♥ post in quite some time and wanted to pick it back up again. I know I love to read about what people are currently into or using. I received cleansIT a couple of years ago when I won Making Memories Masters and just stared using it this year!  The bottle has a dabber top, works on both rubber and acrylic stamps.   It is an amazing product and cleans off your stamps (removes all types of ink) quickly, and dries fast too. It does have a slight order but it doesn't bother me, emotes the same smell as a sharpie only slightly stronger. A little bit goes a long way and trust me before I started using this cleanser I NEVER cleaned my stamps! I like this cleaner because it makes it easy to use one stamp multiple times with different inks without having to use baby wipes or soap/water as cleaning agents. I use one paper towel multiple times until it is literally broken down into pieces to remove the cleaner from my stamp(s).


  1. I definitely need to try this! I'm tired of dealing with the baby wipes. Plus they dry up so quickly!!

  2. hope you have a great weekend!


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