a happy list is in order to help me get over this wednesday! I love happy list, what is making you happy today?

  1. early morning cuddles with s2, we are waking up extra early this week because of the time change but that means they tuck into my bed until 7am arrives.
  2. my favorite work nude lip combo: MAC blankety and Milani (whisper) crystal gloss
  3. Christmas decorating next weekend
  4. saadiq's team winning their game last night and spending time with family while cheering him on
  5. last moments of fall before the weather gets colder permanently
  6. pure love
  7. belly hurting laughter
  8. layers-clothes, scents
  9. burning marshmallow fireside candles ( my favorite scents meshed into one, love fireside too)
  10. basketball wives LA (guily pleasure, i know.... i know) 


  1. We've finally got the little lady sleeping in her bed all the way through the night....but now that she's gone I secretly miss her! :(

    And I LOVE that same guilty pleasure tv as you...shhh don't tell anyone!


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