off duty

xca happy monday!!!!  we had a great weekend and are really looking forward to capitalizing on family time this week!  Your family is a blessing no matter how big or small. Friends are an extention of family as well.  I remember when I had just graduated from college and had to work (PT job in retail) after Thanksgiving and could not make it home because I had to work. My friends became my family, my point is (didn't mean to write all of this but I guess it is on my heart) that the people that you choose to surround yourself with become your family no matter if they are blood or not, enjoy them, be thankful for them. thank you for reading my words weekly and letting me share with you.

Our weekend little bit of scrappin' (sneak at studio calico brooklyn flea),we cheered (saadiq's team won the president's cup,now onto the next level of playoffs), received my first order of instagram prints via postal pix (awesome quality)and decorated our tree!!
hope you had a good weekend too!xo


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