happy Monday, oh wait it's Tuesday!! I guess a long weekend will do that to you, keep getting my days mixed up! It's no secret that I ♥ instagram and I haven't done an off duty post in a while, so here we GO! We stayed home during the extended holiday and played it low key.
1. finally took down our christmas tree yesterday, which snowballed into a cleanFEST for the entire house. It felt good and I love getting things accomplished! 2. take two of saadiq's 5th grade science project 3. current state of my desk with PL week 2 and other projects underneath it in progress.I changed the layout a bit for this week of PL because I had more photos, can't wait to finish it up tonight!  I am still LOVING this project so much! I also hope to have a few sneaks of Feb. Studio Calico to share tomorrow. 4.perfect yellow polish by zoya....pippa 5. outfit details 6. first snowfall last  Monday. 7. new iPhone cover just arrived, have the white one, super adorable! 8. love flats, even in the winter time. these are oldies but goodies. 9.  Love the light that comes into my bedroom in the mornings and my new bedside plant.
xo, hope you are having a wonderful week!
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  1. I love your instagrams. :) Hope S2 is feeling better! It's definitly making it's way around these parts.


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