onto the next one...

YEAH and happy new year, my daily is done! :) I am happy to be finished and I am not going to lie, it became daunting because I had to played catch up at the end but I was determined to finish before totally engulfing myself in Project Life.

I know a goal for 2012 (yes already thinking about the next one) is to KEEP up, I like the everyday creating process and when that part is forced it makes it less fun for me. Below is the remaining pages in my daily, bless your hearts...get ready for the long list of photos. Thank you for all of the nice  comments on my daily (I read every one of them), I really do love making this minibook every year. Please excuse the blurry photos, I rushed which = blur...
I hope you are have an awesome creative year, I am going to push myself to document more this year, the everyday threads of my life. I am excited about Project Life, xo
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  1. Congrats on getting your DD done! I've got a few more days to finish but mine is über thick like yours too! Will be interesting to see how it holds up over the years- lol! Fab job on yours.

  2. dead.

    you killed it.

  3. Perfect. Wow. Love how you designed this. Incredibly unique and fantastic style. Love that it doesn't look like all the others out there.

  4. Absolutely Amazing album!!! Love it! I really like what you said about documenting "the everyday threads of my life". I am approaching PL as an art journal project and that really resonates with me.

  5. your DD is absolutely fabulous! congrats on doing it

  6. seriously cool, Vee!


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