insta-week*photo collage made with diptic app

happy happy Friday y'all!! so excited I am off today since I am working tomorrow but it is all good! If you follow me on instagram, you have already seen these but I still going to share them. I love taking photos, take at least two a day, these are a few that represent what I am loving right now.
1.baked eggs, they are so delicious, cute and filling! 2. project life  wk. 7 in progress, it's a 1.5 pager 3. new polish- paparazzi don't preach ( love the name) 4. afternoon snack-blood orange (polish is OPI Niki Minaj- Pink Friday, it is way pinker than in the photo. It is the perfect barbie pink! 5. window shopping and fell in love with this neon pink stole, was way out of my price range but a girl can dream right?

hope you have a magnificent weekend,xo!

The Body Shop


  1. you look so good in pink.

  2. love the pic of yOu!
    how do you load so big ? I use the diptic app all the time and if I loaded it to my blog it comes out small! how do you make it so big on here? LOVE IT!


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