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us lately

HAPPY SPRING!! This is us lately, we are soaking up all  early spring has to offer! we spent the weekend running family errands, watching saadiq play basketball and taking family walks and bike rides. oh and enjoying a few sweet treats ( my sister  loves cake pops). we are currently into our my iPad, watching movies before school and  the green monster smoothie (that would be mostly me).

trying to play catch up on project life, a peek at my week nine, it's almost done and hoping to do 10-11 later this week.  I love the snippets of this week, can't wait to share it with you!
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giveaway is still open below too :)


  1. this is totally us, too ... enjoying the freedom/no set schedule this week. (your kids are adorable ... love peeking into your life a bit.) ;)

  2. Okay, that green monster smoothie is interesting...although I have no room to talk. I used to drink wheat grass every morning ;)

    Can't wait to see your PL, Vee. This looks amazing already!

  3. Relaxing with the babies is always good! Your project Life once again looks awesome. What's in your green monster smoothie?


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