off duty-friendship

okay, i'm back again with another post... wahoo! my friend danielle came up to see me over the weekend and I had a blast hanging out with her again. the last time I saw her was 2+ years ago, hope to get down to see her in florida soon. we couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend (the weather was awesome), late night chats, laughed so hard until my stomach hurt and of course a trip into the city. i feel really lucky to have really awesome friends and all from this hobby love passion.
fell in love with this wood flag  in forever 21, thinking this would be an awesome diy project! noted
  one nation, F21
we accidentally found the Renwick Gallery which is located steps from the white house. one of the finest collections of american craft in the united states is on display here. we both loved this piece of art and so many more sculptures and paintings.
(photo by Danielle)

you know of course I had to take her to my favorite froyo place + had my usually mix! really, i could eat this everyday but  i don't! :( froyo addict, yep that's me
have a great day! xo


  1. awwww...sounds like a great weekend..and that flag is pretty awesome...totally do-able!! :)

  2. p.s. what font is this?

  3. Weekends spent with a gal pal are always the best! Looks like you two had a ton of fun & I'm salivating over your frozen yogurt over here.

  4. so glad you guys got to hang out again! xo

  5. miss you already!!!!! you're the best girl!


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