power of red(lipstick)

must own red lips

Another weekend done (check), happy mother's day (check) and back at work (check)! I was debating on what to blog about today and was at a lost until I was reapplying my lipstick, wearing red today-it hit me to do a quick post of my favorite red lipsticks.I've been rockin' a red lip pretty hard over the last 6 months; it's an  instant spirit +swag booster in a tube if you ask me.

The key is to finding the correct color that will work for your skin tone, for me it is blue-based lipsticks (cool undertone).  Orange-based (warm undertone) may work better for you if you have a warm undertone (ex. look better in gold jewelry than silver) but really application is key as well.  An easy way to wearing more red is to build up the color when applying until you are satisfied, less= lipstain effect, more= bombshell. ;)  You can also experiment by mixing different reds together and make a custom color! I love matte fnish red lipsticks because they do not slide off of your lips when you eat or drink.   The color pay-off is extremely rich too!  Matte lipsticks are drying so conditioned lips are key when wearing one. I always apply a lip conditioner as a soon as I start my makeup routine in the morning so my lips are moisturized when I get to my lipstick application (my last step).

Above are my favorite reds, I wear NARS Red Lizard, Dragon Girl and MAC Ruby Woo the most. The Revlon color is a great drugstore alternative as well but I mix it with the NYX lip pencil because it is more orange-based.

What is your favorite lipstick?


  1. I'm a cool, too. I'm a winter I was told.

    Calling you back shortly. I have a sickie here laying next to me.

  2. At the moment I'm loving MAC Pink Plaid and Viva Glam Gaga along with some gloss! Love my MAC Ruby Woo too.

  3. Valey B.4:38 PM

    I love Reddy or Not by Red Apple Lipstick! (I have Celiac disease and cannot ingest gluten and Red Apple is gluten free and fabulous!)

  4. great options, i'll have to check these out as i'm looking for a great red! i've been wearing Revlon Cherries in the Snow and Mac Impassioned a lot lately!


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