off duty- capitol hill

 my sister + me were a duo this past weekend which will be on repeat for the next month as s2 will be heading to nana's this weekend for their annual summer break. the weather was phenomenal so we headed out to one of my favorite dc neighboorhoods-capitol hill.  it is so laid back, easy to navigate and has some of the best restaurants in the city (in my opinion) and parking doesn't get me into a full blown panic. which is a supersedes everything else in my opinion plus it is close to so many walkable attractions such as the library of congress, the capitol, National Museum of the American Indian and the supreme court.
(taken at the National Museum of the American Indian)
some places to eat at if you are ever in the neighnoorhood:
matchbox (personal favorite)
good stuff eatery (on my list to try this summer, you may know the chef...Spike Mendelsohn )
32 below (had to include froyo-found this nugget over the weekend and we loved their dulce de leche)
Pound the Hill (trying it out on sunday, will let you know)

love lists, they make a girl accountable, right?!


  1. My little cousin went there last month and is going again at the end of the summer and she RAVED and RAVED how great it is. Even though she's only 14 I'll take her word for it. Dom and I need to take a road trip sigh. And God knows I love to eat. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

  2. Vee, good stuff eatery is really yummy! Try the chipotle mayo and the toasted marshmallow shake (you can order a mini if you don't feel like driking your lunch :) ). They opened one by my work and it's hard to resist!

  3. Mmmmm.... Love matchbox!!

  4. oooh, sounds fun – I'll have to visit you someday. love that first pic of you!


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