summer hit list

photo cred: pinterest

1. beach time
2. outdoor movies
3. farmer market
4. make ice cream
5. ted (love a potty mouth toy) + mark whalberg

6. go on a hike
7. plant flowers
8. add a chalkboard wall to s2 room
9. girls night out

it's offically summer with the weather to match! making a summer fun list and the first thing on the list is us heading to the beach this weekend! hoping to escape the 100 degree temps with some beach action on the del-mar mixed with some photo booth action. here are a few other things on my summer list, what's on your list?


  1. I wish we had a beach! We have lakes and rivers, but eh. Not the same. I guess the pool will work too :D. Love the farmers market, planting flowers, and hiking idea though! Chalkboard wall in little mama's room is an awesome idea-I bet she'd LOVE it. I kept thinking I want to do that for Dominic, but he will probably just eat the chalk LOL! I'll wait a year or two.

  2. what Del-Mar? Delaware- Maryland? I wanna come!! Wouldn't that be so fun? when are you and the littles going? If we weren't leaving next week I might drive up...


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