weekend score at the j.crew clearance store, neon + me... you know! insta-lately II playing sneak mommy-razi with synai, she was so content singing while waiting for her brother to finish his practice after her practice was done // additional show storage, best 4.99 spent at IKEA ever (l-o-v-e) that store, have you seen the new catalog? die....// pretty much obsessed with these pumps // new breakfast favorite: home grown tomatoes with lots of pepper + dash of onion powder w/ toast

love the country and going home, really no place like it and what I love even more is how s2 loves going there just as much as me! old school pumps= nostaglia and can't wait to be back there again. it's funny how your life shifts as you get older, the thing you couldn't wait to leave behind is the place you appreciatel and crave the most as you get older.
xo, hope you are starting your week off right!


  1. Cool pics...headed to j crew this weekend to look for that top!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the pics! I actually have the IKEA catalog sitting in my lap right now. ROFL!!


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