party on your arm

if you follow me on instagram you know i love a good stack of bracelets, necklaces or rings (not necessarily all at the same time) but i love wearing stacks of accessories. i didn't coin the term #armparty, leandra did but i think the term suits my daily charcuterie of jewels perfectly.
arm party

j crew jewelry // forever 21 rhinestone jewelry // red and turquoise bracelet // skull of thought bracelet / /target circle wire bracelet

I almost always add my jewelry last, mix costume with real jewelry, shop from high to low end shops (some of my favorite pieces are from forever 21 and Target), mix metals, add bling and never follow the rules. :)

p.s...i like to stack in odd amounts, 3-5.

have a lovely weekend,xo


  1. Totally cute! I love bracelets! (but I think that's in part because I only wear jewelry to church and my wrists show out from under my choir robe!)

  2. yes!! you may not have coined arm party, but you're always rockin' it!!


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