As soon as I saw this pin, I knew I had to do it right away. I love an easy diy!  On Saturday, I did a quick sweep of the house to see what I could make into a golden treasure and quickly realized that S2 are way past the age of animal toys. Luckily I had an eraser gorilla (via west elm) that I could use but after some tweets and instagram comments (and after my first swipes of gold) I knew that this gorilla needed some companions. I quickly made a run to the store and found dinosaurs at the dollar store, yay!

supplies needed:
1.  Any medium in gold, I used a metallic finish acrylic paint and pearl ex pigment but you could easily use gold nail polish or spray pant.
2.  White acrylic paint
3.  Foam paint Brushes
4.  Paper plate or disposable container
5.  Paper towel for drying
6.  Plastic animals
supplies before:

after: gold(ed) toys
To block out the original color of the toys I painted them all a thin layer of white acrylic paint. This also served a primer for the application of gold paint.  I let this layer of paint dry for about 30 minutes, it took less time but I wanted to make sure each coat of paint dried evenly.

I squeezed a healthy amount of gold acrylic paint onto my disposable plate and mixed my pearl ex pigment into my paint on a paper plate until I reach the desired color and the pigment disappeared into the paint.  I mixed in pigment because I wanted the real luster effect of gold.

Added the layers of gold about 30-45 minutes in between (2 coats) with a sponge brush.  I used two so I didn't have to wait on the brushes to dry in between applications.  On the third layer of paint I dabbed the crevices and grooves with paint instead of using strokes.
hey there dino gold dino
Now I have fun and chic accessories for different areas in my home and on the hunt for something else to make into a new golden treasure.


  1. So COOL! I love the dinosaurs and I bet I could find a ton of them in H's room that he's outgrown! (Maybe even a GI Joe!)

  2. You already know I LOVE it!! Thinking about painting myself a golden elephant tomorrow ;) .

  3. So very cool! May look for a bag of army men to do this with!


  4. So FAB! Pinning this one:)

  5. what a fun idea! I have so many toys in my home to ... paint!!!

  6. Those in gold are so cute I should admit that this is pretty creative way to fresh up your home.

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