holiday breakfast

I pinned this recipe last week and knew I had to make it immediately because it is the perfect dish for the holidays when you have a house full of guests and want to prepare a quick and easy no fuss tasty breakfast or brunch. This recipe is so simple and instantly I had a..." why didn't I think of this recipe moment?!" It's made from what we call "pop biscuits" but commonly called canned biscuits, eggs, milk, cheese, bacon (yum) and onions. I did make a few adjustments based on the reviews from the recipe and increased the amount of eggs to 6, 6-8 tbsp (reduce fat) milk, added a pinch of salt to the eggs for taste and added two cloves of sauteed garlic (because we love it) and substituted a green onion for a little bit of red and half a pack of turkey bacon instead of a whole of regular bacon. It was still super delicious and S1+ sister approved!

recipe: bacon cheese pull aparts

xo,bon appetit!


  1. I love your cooking. I'm sure this was great!

    Are you around tomorrow?

  2. Um, YUM! I'll definitely have to try this.


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